How many times do you hear people say “I’ll just Google that”?

In fact, they are searching the internet for some information. But the influence of Google is such that for many, googling has become the verb that describes searching the web.

Are you happy that corporate influence has extended that far? I’m not, and there is a very effective way to strike back.

Ecosia is a search engine that uses it’s profits to fund planting trees around the world. Trees, the carbon dioxide extraction system that actually works.

Ecosia are remarkably transparent in their way of working. In March 2019, they had income of €986,525 of which €440,038 was spent on tree-planting. They make their money from paid advertising, just like Google search. You can add an Ecosia extension to Google Chrome browser (the irony) which means that when you type in a search, the search is made on Ecosia. The results are good and you help to plant the trees the planet needs.