Wild is an acknowledgement that whatever we do, nature is bigger than us. We can pull it out of shape, crush it and deny it, but nature is an intractable force, resilient, always bigger than us, more patient than us. Our lives are short, nature is life itself.

We all need to become more wild. Our sitting-down, indoors, doing-what-we-are-told, monoculture is shrinking our souls and killing the planet. Feel the cold and the rain. Remind yourself what being alive feels like.

The barren coldness of winter eventually brings the promise of new life as the Earth tilts again. We have no control over the seasons thankfully as these are the forces that keep us alive.

Wild deer, nervous, observant and thriving. These deer live in a wild area of woods and grassland in close proximity to houses. Wherever it has a chance, nature creates life.

The concrete remains but is overwhelmed by plant life. This used to be a cement works, now it is archaeology.

Engineering is the discipline by which we build the human world. Engineers plan and calculate, design and deliver. But as soon as the human gaze switches elsewhere, nature begins to reclaim. How long until this Victorian railway architecture is absorbed by trees and creepers? It will happen. Every city, town and structure will eventually be overwhelmed and lost.