I’m a photographer and writer based in West Sussex, UK. My practice is mainly an exploration of the climate and nature crisis which I regard as the most important issue of our time.

This crisis is caused by centuries of contempt for our home planet. Individuals, businesses and governments have overseen endless digging, polluting, burning, spraying, blasting and destruction. Now the stable climate that facilitated civilisation is spinning out of control. This damage was wrought under an old story, the idea that humans could do what they liked in the name of progress and profit. The story has to change. We need to recognise what we have done and then put the Earth and life upon it first. That life includes us. Without the Earth, humans have nothing.

I can’t ignore what’s going on around me, I am drawn to observe, record and comment on what I see. My work is based on three pillars: Witness, Rebellion and Wildness.


The dominant economic system places the highest higher priority on constant economic growth. But relentless growth cannot go on forever, our resources are finite. There must be a realisation that we can’t continue like this. It’s time to call out the failings of the system and demand a better replacement. More …


Many brave people across the world reject the toxic economic system and are engaged in active rebellion against it. This is an absolutely vital part of achieving change. They have my support and I will do all I can to amplify their efforts. They are holding businesses and governments to account. More …


Our food, water and oxygen come from the wild processes of the Earth. We came from wildness and when we forget this, we place ourselves in opposition to the Earth that sustains us. I wish to recover my connection to the wild and help others to do likewise. More …

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