The ability to fly quickly and cheaply comes at a heavy cost to people who live near airports. The noise of a take-off can be heard ten miles away.

Reports presented at COP26 indicate predict 2.4 degrees increase in average temperatures since 1850. This would be enough to submerge this Kent beach permanently.

The soft white chalk cliffs of Sussex are especially vulnerable to higher seas and more intense storms.

Once this was a thriving lido. Now it is abandoned to the rising sea.

The seawall at Climping in West Sussex has been undermined and breached. Now the sea chews away at the farmland behind.

Pollution in Chichester Harbour.

Rising seas will inundate the coast of Sussex, where I live. This is already a reality for many island communities.

The car is not in the river, it’s on the road.

Dead tree.

Final approach, Gatwick Airport