Wood Group

Many large corporations have persuaded themselves that their profits and shareholder value are more important than a living planet. Not only do they behave with no regard for future generations but they also put huge efforts into wrecking any attempts by government to limit their activities. Recently a new low in corporate behaviour was revealed.

The Wood Group with offices in Aberdeen and Staines, took a £430 million green transition loan from the UK government. These loans are intended to help companies make the transition to a more sustainable business model. Wood, however, once it had secured the loan, grew its oil and gas business by 17% and reduced the size of its renewable, hydrogen, and carbon capture business units by 35%. This looks like fraud to me and I hope it is treated as such. [source]

So today I was delighted to be asked to photograph an action by Extinction Rebellion Staines to highlight Wood’s despicable behaviour. The rebels sprayed the front of the Staines office with fake oil and staged a noisy demonstration.

Shame on you Wood Group.