The climate and ecological emergency is the biggest threat facing the human world. So it would be reasonable to expect that news media would be keeping us constantly informed. Sadly, that isn’t the case. Newspapers mainly reflect the political agendas of their owners and editors. Climate change and action to prevent it is a threat to right-wing newspaper owners and their friends in polluting industries, so useful information about the crisis doesn’t tend to appear in these newspapers. By newspapers, I mean traditional printed media and their digital counterparts.

I took a look at which newspapers have dedicated climate and environment sections. This seemed likely to indicate what priority these newspapers accorded to the crisis. First UK newspapers:

Climate sections:

The Guardian


Financial Times

The Independent

The Economist

The New Statesman

The Morning Star

The Times

Around the world.

Le Monde

Der Spiegel (in German)

La Croix International

The New York Times

Los Angeles Times

San Francisco Chronicle

Other sources:


Planet Forward

Arctic News



Climate Links

NOAA Climate